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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 30, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> the refugee crisis in southeast asia. the australian prime minister heads. i'm darren jordan in doha. diswrail primisraeli prime minin netanyahu prepares to meet with president obama. i'll be showing you what's
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happening in side the national game park in zimbabwe. >> welcome to the program. it's what australian politicians believe biggest challenge in their country. in search for a better life. the numbers are getting higher. but they can't cope. tony abbott is meeting days after 28 people have died after a boat carrying asylum seekers sank o off indonesia. here is what that boat carrying 80 people sank just days ago. off the southern coast of java. and it was just one of the many oh of in the past year alone,
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have arrived in australia, since late 2007 over 45,000 people have landed on australia's shores. the controversial program, off the thstopthe boats. what more can you tell us? >> there are a group of around 20 survivors of last friday's both accident. they are kept in this hotel in west java and basically being questioned by police and immigration officials because they want to know who actually arranged this whole trip, who was the smuggler here. one man lost eight of his children and his wife. they're all devastated. they said they didn't know what was going to happen to them. they actually managed to leave lebanon. they set there was an area that
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was a lot of syrian fighting going on, this area of lebanon. they left lebanon to go to jakarta. after five days they sent distress signals to indonesian officials. they saw their own rests drowning. if they would have known that this is what was expected and they would not have reached australia in the first place because of the new restrictive policy they would have gone home right now. >> top of the agenda, immigration and asylum seekers. there are a number of controversial issues there, aren't they? >> yes, it's very controversial, and in the last few days of course. indonesiaen officialindonesian t
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about it because they are worried about the country's what is if australian boats reach waters, and the other thing is, if the boats are not coming -- if they can't go back any more to australia then what is going to happen with all the refugees struck in indonesia. because indonesia has not subscribed to the u.n. convention for refugees. this visit is going to be very high profile, for sure. >> thank you. more than 140th,000 peopl40th,0e being evaluated from vietnam's
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north central coastline. happened in north waziristan. at least 300 people are killed. westgate shopping mall siege, possibility of an attack, suspected members of the somali group al shabaab stormed the shopping center last week, at least 67 people were killed, nine suspects have been arrested. nigeria's president said the are attack on a school is technical creation of the devil. islamic state in the north of the country.
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protests genetic austerity measures are continuing in the khartoum. protests against sydney embassy in cairo. italy's prime minister enrico maletta is thoapg get a new majority, follows five members of the majority withdrawing from the coalition. the political where situation could derail financial accommodations in the country. due to appear in court in a few hours, latest to be charged with belong to to a crm all state funding to the far right
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party. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president obama are scheduled to meet in a few hours. white house correspondent patty culhane takes a look at what each side wants. >> this photoop tends to sum up, threats made by the u.s., flat out ignored or rebuked from benjamin netanyahu. but in his second term the white house is trying a different tack. first foreign trip after reelection. it was meant to smooth over the rough relationship but the president's recent speech at the united nations might have made that tougher. he appeared to be pressuring israel on what he says are his top two foreign policy priorities. >> real break thrus throughs one
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two issues, the nuclear program and israel-palestinian peace would have a true impact on northern africa. >> putting the focus on a diplomatic solution. but in netanyahu makes it clear what he wants. he literally drew a picture at the u.n. last year, a red line, where bombing will occur sooner rather than later. >> almost taking off the table the possibility of a military strike. what the president from netanyahu is time, patience, see where the diplomatic approach goes and if all else fails, trust the united states to take care of it. >> the appearance of iranian
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president haas ann rouhani, described as a moderate, unlike his predecessor. >> they don't have ahmadinejad, the gift that keeps on giving for the chest thumpers around the world. the joke in teheran and i don't know if it's maybe not even a joke, that with the departure of ahmadinejad, the israelis lost their best agent in iran. if president obama doesn't get his time line, the relationship might look a lot less like this but this once again. patty culhane al jazeera washington. >> politics in the u.s. now have 24 hours to come up with a deal before government services start to shut down. democrats and republicans are wrangling over a new budget. they are still no closer to a
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deal. jean meserve reports from washington, d.c. >> when it comes to a possibility of a government shut down republicans and democrats are playing the blame game. >> this is a terrible destructive strategy totally unnecessary. >> the president is the one saying? i will shut down government if you don't give me everything i want on obamacare. >> house will be in order. >> on the wee hours of sunday morn, the house of representatives did pass legislation funding government. >> i say it before, i say it gej this is it. >> but the democratically controlled senate has already promised to reject it because of medical devices, wheelchair that would partial lir fund the health care law. mr. obama's existing health care law is the real bone of
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contention. conservative republicans have tried repeatedly and unsuccessfully to repeal it and democrats say that is goal here. >> this was a calculated strategy to drive the country to the cliff and then say give us what we want and the affordable care act or we're going oshut down the government for default on our debt. >> but republicans say the law needs changes and democrats haven't been willing to address them. >> so far harry reid said i'm not willing to compromise, not willing to even talk. >> a member of the house republican leadership says we will not shut down the government but there is no clear way to avoid it. >> senate where art thou? >> some house republicans rallied saturday urging the senate to come back and take action. but there is no sign that either party is softening its position and at the moment at least no
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obvious way to avoid a shut down in washington. jean meserve, washington. >> we report on the continuing effects of a spill, three years on. and the battle against sugar and salt. we'll tell you why mexico is getting serious about food. stay with us. what happens when social media
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera.
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australia's new prime minister tony abbott is in algeria, aimed at stopping thousands of asylum seekers to australia. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and president obama will meet. israel seems to be sticking to its hard line starts. democrats and republicans in the u.s. government have just one day to agree on a budget before a partial u.s. shut down. more than 800,000 jobs in the private sector could be affected. two canadians held in egypt have had their imprisonment are extended. their family and the canadian government have been fighting to get them freed, general tan reports. >> last six weeks in a cairo
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jail without charge. now, the two canadians have had their detention extended for another 45 days. they're on a hunger strike. their families want help. >> any kind of charges where they're stating that john and terik are involved with the muslim brotherhood are absolutely ludicrous. we show their citizenship their plans, visas, travel documents, et cetera. >> arrested on august 16th, by supporters of the deposed mohamed morsi. , in a statement smuggled out of the prison, said they were interrogated beaten and accused of being me mercenaries. grayson is a film maker and
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plvmentoban ink and emergency room doctor. they say they are on their way to gaza for humanitarian work and were detained after filming the rallies and helping wounded protestors. their families have mounted a campaign, demanding their freedom, including a dedicated web page with a petition over 140,000 signatures. during its crack down on the sentence in july an estimated 2,000 people have been arrested and held without charge. supporters of grayson and lobani have held rallies in the past calling for their release. for now they remain behind bars, along with so many others, without due process.
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being jerald tan, al jazeera. a new alliance has formed. calling them the islam army. it leaves the free syrian army more isolated than ever. it calls for those a secular syria. >> regulation cuers have eunted but not on the banner of the free syrian army. it includes 40 groups mainly seen as religiously moderate. a military commander appears here saying the army will be more organized. he also calls on other rebel groups to join the new army. this isn't the only setback for the free syrian army. only a few weeks ago, lewahid,
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the most powerful group in aleppo, merged with another group. moderates are also distancing themselves from the muslim front which the government calls a terrorist organization, but on the ground they still fight together. fighters from harar asham and other brigdz launch a coordinated -- brigades launch a coordinated attack. hours later they celebrate what they call a major victory. a main crossing between syria and jordan. closed by the syrian government seven months ago. >> there's still snipers positioned in the building but it's just going to be a matter of a few days before we have the
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upper hand. >> the fight is far from over. government forces shell the position constantly, and the rebels are positioned here taking cover behind sandbags. neighboring jordan has are expressconcern over the growing violence in syria. countries like the u.s. france and bret an have been trying for months, to equip what they consider a moderate secular position that will take over if the syrian regime collapses. cease fire in the disputed region of kashmir. met in new york on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly. it was the first meeting since
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sharif was elected in may. eight agencies are struggling to get much relief to areas struck by an earthquake in pakistan. targeting the army's relief efforts. kamil hadi are reports on the problems facing one village. >> returning to normal after this village after an earthquake devastated the area last week. the women and children try to reestablish the life they once had. many people living here now it has an eerie silence. the only protection for their families has been this little hut the only thing left standing, it is this particular hut that has given them protection against a blistering
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sun. the horror that occurred when the roof collapsed on his home. >> i found my wife under the debris soon after the earthquake. luckily she survived but was badly wuppedded. i borrowed from my relatives to get medicine, she needs to be taken oto karachtaken to karacht afford it. my only worry is to rebuild my home which took me years to construct. there is no one to help me, bud butt god. >> the real triple of trouble will prove challenging.
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>> bp is heading to court in the united states for the second phase of the trial over the deep water horizon disaster. 11 workers were killed, leading to a massive environmental disaster in the gulf of mexico. here is andy gallagher. millions of barrels of oirl spilled into the gulf of mexico when the deep water horizon exploded, more than three years ago. for those who live and work here the passing of time hasn't made things easier. shrimpers are still struggling to get decent catches and wages. ooks generatioa generation is cn end. >> how many ever hours on their boat to make sure that doesn't happen. make sure they stay in school
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and don't do this for a living. >> i was born here. i'm still here and so is bp. >> bp has paid billions of dollars into a compensation fund following pressure by the obama administration. phase 2 of the trial begins and key to the judge's findings willing be a precise calculation of just how much oil leaked. >> huge amount either way, but a huge amount of compensation, you're looking at about ao$2.5 billion bill, whereas if the u.s. government gets their way you're looking at a $17 billion fine. >> individual and state cases have still to go to court and it may be decades before the full extent of the environmental damage here is known. andy gallagher al jazeera florida. >> zimbabwe is home to some of
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africa's largest elephant herds. reporting from the largest game park. >> government officials say this is the worst incident of poaching ever in zimbabwe. these elephants were killed by poachers using cyanide. police have found cyanide being stored in local villages. >> it has gone on for so long, but we won't allow it to go any further. we have seen in the past few days the jailing of some of the criminals upwards of 16 years and anybody involved in this industry, in this poaching exercise will not escape our justice delivery system in terms of sending them to prison. >> more than 90 dead elephants have been found. officials believe their tusks
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have been sold to dealers in asia where ivory is in high demand. park officials say the cyanide was placed into the water but it's hard to determine writ happened. you are dealing with animals, you can't put up a sign that says please don't drink the water. government officials say they are struggling to deal with poaching because of target sanctions imposed by western countries more than ten years ago that's why there's no money to protect these animals. they fear more animals are going to die. >> probably going to die because of this is absolutely alarming. i'd like to see that parks are doing their best but they are constrained because of their financial condition at the moment. >> zimbabwe is home to some of
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africa's largest elephant herds. >> at least nine people have been killed in mexico in the latest outbreak of gang violence. police say drug gangs are fighting turf wars. six other people were wounded. staying in mexico when the government is trying to help the country kick a dangerous habit. salt. adam rainey reports. high blood pressure and is diabetic. it's so bad he can't work anymore. and now, he hopes this clinic will help him get back to good health. >> no, i'm not eating salt. this has been hard. food tastes different, but it's
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not like you can't eat it, those that are healthy shouldn't eat too much salt. >> the head of the clinic see people every day struggling with their weight or their blood pressure. >> it is a health issue, we don't have the correct infrastructure to deal with these complications, so we focus on early detention and education. >> nearly a third of mexicans have high blood pressure and nearly 30,000 die each year from diabetes. now mexico has started a campaign, to bring down salt consumption. the idea, people have to go through the hassle of asking for salt and having it delivered to their table. mexico el cardinal restaurant
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began. >> if you are eating a certain type of mexican food or drinking tequila, you will need salt. the program is dead-on. >> but the fact is, millions of more mexicans eat in the street than in upscale restaurants. this is really salty, if it weren't already salty enough, most people add an extra dash or two before digging in. >> it's not just street stalls. processed foods are found everywhere. most of it is packed with salts and fat. something unlike to happen any time soon, but many restaurants the shakers are off the table and that's a start. are adam rainey al jazeera, mexico city. >> finally, the olympic flame
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has been lit in greece, four months ahead of the ceremonies in saachi. the flame is going to cover 60,000 kilometers, dog sled and even a trip into space. >> in myanmar, buddhist pagodas stand alongside mosques. followers of both faiths have lived side by side for centuries. but as a military run dictatorship transitions into a free and open nation, religious violence threatens to tear the country apart.